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Why Practice?

Posted on 15 May, 2013 at 23:28
Is practice really important, I mean after all you havelearned your skill and have won a few MMA fights or some Boxing Matches or afew Wrestling tournaments so why do you need to practice every day?  To be a good competitor is all I have to dois learn the skills and I will become a champion from there. 
In gyms throughout the world you will find athletes practicingtheir skills; as they say practice makes perfect, but is that true?  Should it be perfect practice makes perfect.  Only 1% of the athletes in the gym willbecome top competitors, that one percent understands the importance of practiceand have the determination to practice until they are perfect.
 It is easy to findthe one percent, they are the ones that show up every day, that do every moveuntil it is perfect and when they can’t get the move perfect they will continueto repeat the moves until they are perfect. They are the athletes that never cheat themselves by not doing a fullpushup or cheat themselves by not doing all the reps the coach said to do, or theytake several breaks during the practice. They are the first to arrive, the last to leave and the athlete thatwill work the hardest.
They will listen to the coach and follow his direction; thecoach knows that if he tells them to run 3 miles they will run 3+ miles, ifthey coach says do 10 reps they will continue until the coach says to stop,they will listen when the coach shows them a move, they will listen when thecoach breaks down a move, they watch their last competition and learn fromtheir mistakes.  They do not like to misspractice, they find a way to make practice, even if they have no ride; theywill walk or run to get to practice.  Theone percent do not let things get in the way of their determination to become achampion; the other 99 percent will have 100 reasons why they cannot makepractice. 
The one percent knows that when they win a fight it isbecause of their practice, their determination and their Coach, and they  know when they lose that it is because oftheir determination, their practice and their Coach.  The 99 percent think that when they win it isbecause of them, but if they lose it is because of the Coach, or their trainingis bad, or the fight was not fair; everyone else’s fault but their own.
Champions are not born, Champions are made.  

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